NEWS 2004




30.12.2005                   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 for all our visitors and

                                     internet friends. Thank you for your fidelity and nice

                                     messages about "our little angels".

                                                           Cynthia and François


13.11.2005                   Exposition internationale St-Etienne

                                     (Juge: M.Tabo/Italie)

                                     Slash  RCAC/RCACIB

                                     Starling 1er excellent


23.10.2005               Exposition internationale Strasbourg

                                 (Juge M. Peterburs/ Allemagne)

                                       Slash 1er excellent CAC/RCACIB Slash Strasbourg 1.jpg (45074 octets) SSlash Strasbourg 3.jpg (116911 octets)

                                 Starling 1er excellent 

02.10.2005             Exposition nationale Grenoble

                                (Juge Mme Dupressy/France)

                                Starling 1er excellent CAC/BOB

                                Slash     1er excellent CAC/BOS

05.09.2005             Exposition internationale  MACON

                               (Juge Monsieur Blangino/France)

                               SLASH                      CAC/RCACIB

                               STARLING               CAC          mmm3.JPG (71111 octets)   Slash TM1.JPG (16376 octets)

30.07.2005            Sadly we lost our Falcon today. He is greatly

                              missed  from us all . Falcon was a proud boy and 

                               he  is died  same  he life with a great dignity. Thank you Falcon

                               for all the great moments  with you...........

                              You will be for always in our hearts


07.07.2005           Puppies's  page updated  

                              New pics of Starling


                             Slash 1er excellent (Juge Mme Méry/France)

                             Look here for Starling Before Besançon Starling

                             has been showed only one time in puppy class.... 

                             She has alot of  presence  in the ring (power 

                             and temperament same Mum Angel)


 05.06.2005     First show in England for our Nike "Angel's Heart Easy Ryder"

                        Beautiful result " BOB"... (photo will be added soon ) .

                        Congratulations Shareem and Nike !!!!              

 24.04.2005    Link's page has been updated 

 19.04.2005   New

13.03.2005   New page for Starling in our poodles (Angel's Heart Eclipse of my Heart)

                     Nouvelle page pour Starling dans nos caniches


10.03.2005   Starling and Slash tested for hips and results are A/A both